LifeVantage and Protandim United Kingdom (UK)

LifeVantage and Protandim United Kingdom

Protandim UK(Updated April 2018) LifeVantage is officially open in the United Kingdom and also in the Netherlands.

Here are the enrollment packs for distributors: LifeVantage UK Distributor Packages.

Customers may order using this link: Protandim UK Customer Orders

  • The following countries are included: Great Britain, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland.
  • The following products are available (Protandim, TrueScience Perfecting Lotion, TrueScience Anti-Aging Cream, TrueScience Eye Serum and TrueScience Micro-Lift Serum), with more coming in the months ahead.
  • For those interested in the business, there are 3 enrollment packs.  See the link above.
  • There are 3 enrollment packages for distributors, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.  See this link for details.
  • VAT is included in the price lists below, and in the enrollment packages
  • Customers do not have to enroll as distributors, you may purchase as a customer at the retail or wholesale (preferred customer) pricing using the link above for customers.

Here are the product prices for distributors and preferred customers (includes VAT):

Protandim Nrf2 – £37.84
Protandim Nrf1 – £55.00
TrueScience Perfecting Lotion – £36.88
TrueScience Anti-Aging Cream – £63.88
TrueScience Eye Serum – £36.88

These LifeVantage products have been approved for sale including the requirements by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

If you have questions, please contact me for answers to your questions.

It’s best if we get on Zoom and I can show you how this all works, and then help you get started.

How do you enroll in the United Kingdom?

Visit and follow directions you can click Join and follow the steps. If you need a sponsor (somebody who will enroll you) you may use 132602 on the page where it asks for an Enroller ID.  If you already have a sponsor, please get with them, so they can show you how to enroll.

What about just for Customers?

Preferred customers can enroll using the same steps, simply select preferred customer.  You can customize your order to be a one-time order, monthly, or quarterly, or anything you choose.  You may also cancel a customer account anytime.

28 Replies to “LifeVantage and Protandim United Kingdom (UK)”

  1. Hello Jeff,
    I am currently a distributor in the US but I have a person who is very interested in the UK. Do you have anymore information about the Product/line and its availability in the UK and the Netherlands? Thank you so much!

  2. Hi I am trying to purchase this product as I have Fibromalgia, I can not find a trusted UK supplier.
    Please advise

    1. Hi there I know that there is a reliable supplier in the uk and ireland, as i have just of late obtained this product, hope this any help to you,
      regards patrick

  3. Hello, Can you tell me how I buy this? I have scoured the internet looking for a distributor in the uk but cannot find any. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  4. I am interested in these products and have interest from family in Europe (Spain & Cyprus) and Asia.

    I would like to know when the next conference in UK is being held, please?

    Many thanks.

    Michelle Hammond

  5. Hi Jeff! I want to purchase Protandim, but dont have any contacts. Do you know trusted distributor in UK? Please send me a message!!

  6. Hi. Where can I buy the anti ageing cream here in the UK. Anyone who hasn’t used it . It really is fantastic. Also I have some distributor questions ie costs. I attended the seminar in Tampa a few years. I live in London. Thanks

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