The iPhone 5

So I’ve pre-ordered an iPhone 5. It’s an upgrade for me from the 4 (not the 4s). Having Siri will be a big plus, but I’m really excited about the taller screen, and thinner, lighter design. For me the iPhone is simply the best mobile device available. Yes I know “Android is just as good”, but that’s simply not true. The specifications for those devices might be better, and yes, Android is more customization, but the iPhone just “works”. Don’t get me wrong, the Android OS phones are great, and for some people its the best choice. But even as technical as I am, I love the simplicity and elegance of the iPhone and the iOS system. I suppose in some ways I “drink the cool-aid” a bit, but generally I think the iPhone is perfect for 90% of the users out there. But to each their own. I’m no […]

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