Protandim Canada

Protandim Canada (Update August 2017) Protandim is available in Canada for customers or distributors.  The cost of Protandim is the same for both customers or distributors at the wholesale price of CAD$52 per bottle. Preferred Customers can save on shipping by setting up quarterly shipments instead of monthly orders. Because LifeVantage is a referral based business, if you are already working with a LifeVantage distributor, please contact them to purchase Protandim or enroll as a distributor. If you do not have a distributor to help you or if you need more information about how you can become involved in LifeVantage in Canada, I’m willing to assist you. Need Help? [button href=”” style=”emboss” size=”medium” tooltip=”message me”]message me[/button]or use the links on this page or the phone number below. Protandim ships from the Canada warehouse, and takes about 4-6 business days.  LifeVantage also sells a skin care system (called TrueScience).  TrueScience has Protandim in it, click […]

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